10 places to visit in Iceland other than Reykjavik

Iceland, the capital city of Reykjavik is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and wide-open spaces which provide majestic views of mountains, valleys and landscapes. Iceland is the hottest-cold-weather destination which can provide you with a lot to explore and a plethora of memories to cherish. Moreover, this exotic destination is not very far and easy to reach for many travellers. Some of the people might be unaware of the gems that it holds besides Reykjavik. Before you plan to visit this hot tourist destination, know about some of the places in Iceland, which will make your trip worth travelling for.

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Here are the top places to visit in Iceland other than Reykjavik:


Akureyri tops the chart when it comes to exploring Iceland. This is a small, quint and a perfect place for photogenic people providing with spectacular views. Located in the Northern part of Iceland, it requires a 5-hour drive from Reykjavik to reach here. It is further located at Fjord end between the high mountains providing majestic views. It is the best place to visit in winters, for those who love skiing. Moreover, it consists of some beautiful attractions such as Myvatn Lake, Dettifoss and a small village of Husavik for those who love fishing. The Akureyrarkirkja church on the hilltop gives a stunning view of the landscape below.

Isafjordur and the West Fjords:

Most of the people might be unaware of the beautiful West Fjords and the small town of Isafjordur. But a trip here will make it a worthy journey for. It provides the most beautiful views, which are not something you should miss. This place is generally less populated and soothing to the eyes while travelling through the stunning Fjords and lands.

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Located in West Iceland, it requires a travelling time of two hours to reach here from Rekjavik. This place is rested on a Peninsula with small Islands surrounding it. This place provides you with a plethora of things to explore such as the Lighthouse, Boat Tour to various Islands, Birdlife, Fishing Village and is a great place to have a meal.


Located in the southern part of Iceland, it requires a travelling time of 2.5 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. This small village is popular for its rock formations, ocean views and black sand beaches. Moreover, if you make a trip here, you will get a chance to visit a quaint restaurant named Sudur-Vik, which provides stunning views of the sea and mountains from the hilltop.

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Located in the Northern part of Iceland, it takes 1.5 hours to reach here from Akureyri. This small village consists of beautiful coastline, homes and buildings. It emerges as a perfect place for those who love fishing and whale watching.

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Travelling to Snaefellsnes would surely be a great adventure for you as it provides stunning coastal views and sceneries, making it the most beautiful places in Iceland. Moreover, Snaefellsness Peninsula has a mystical glacier, which is said to have some magical powers in it. This is not enough, it is also known as the Entry Point To The Centre Of The Earth.

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Hofn is located in the eastern part of Iceland. It takes a travelling time of around 6 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. While travelling from Rekjavik, you will come across the southern part of Iceland including Vik, Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell Park and the big Vatnajokull glacier. Hofn is further located in the quaint village on the ocean providing best restaurants to spend the night. Do not forget to visit the Glacier Lagoon, it gives an incredible view of breaking of the iceberg and passing to the nearby oceans. More stunning places to visit here include the city centre, Pakkhus, Humarhofnin and more.


Hvammstangi is a small place having a total population of just 580 people. But it’s beautiful rolling hills are something, which you should not miss. Located in the north-west part of Iceland on the Vatnsnes peninsula, this place consists of stunning rolling hills and ocean on each side. It is a good place to spend a night watching the beautiful coastal views. Visit this place to make your holidays memorable.

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Egilsstadir is known to be the Smallest Town In Iceland surrounded by majestic sceneries. It provides great hotels to stay at and watch heaven like views. Choosing a hiking tour from the multiple tours from Egilsstadir would be a great decision to make. Don’t forget the visit the Lagarfjot lake at the edge of Egilsstadir, which is famous for having a mythical creature to the Lochness monster in Scotland, which can give a chill in the bones. Moreover, the landscapes here are very similar to that of Canada having the beautiful views of evergreen mountains and trees. Egilsstadir also makes a perfect picnic spot to chill and watch the amazing rivers.


Located on the banks of river Olfusa, Selfoss is best known for its beautiful waterfalls. Selfoss is no doubt a great place to visit in Iceland as it consists of great restaurants, cafes, hot springs, sauna pools and woodlands, making it the best attraction of Iceland. If you plan a tour to Selfoss, keep these places on the chart including Gullfoss falls, Oxafarfoss falls, Kerid crater, Ulfjotsvatn Lake and Thingvellir National Park. Moreover, this place can provide you with an adventure like never before, as you can explore the Geysir, trekking at Landmannalaugar-Thorsmork, hike the Seljalandsfoss Falls, snorkelling at Thingvellir and more.

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Located in the Southern part of Iceland, this distinct archipelago consists of popular volcanos such as Helgafell and Eldfell, the island of Surtsey and Heimaey, making it a great experience of exploring Iceland. Some of the famous places to visit here include Eldheimar, Saeheimar Aquarium, The brother’s brewery, Lyngfell stables, Storhofdi and more. Do not miss the part if visiting Vestmannaeyjar and explore boating at Heimaey Island, puffin watching, enjoy a delicious lunch at the famous Gott restaurant and much more.

Yes, there is much to the beautiful country of Iceland other than Reykjavik. Wrapping up, we highly suggest you visit these 10 places other than Reykjavik.

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