10 Icelandic Foods and Drinks you must try in your visit

Icelandic Food is not as widely known as its natural landscape beauty offers. Gradually with the involvement of time and skill, particularly chefs improvising and infusing ingredients into the local foods the picture has changed drastically since.

The Private tours of Iceland offer you ample time to execute what truly you want to do. If you happen to be a foodie, choosing the private tours of Iceland can be your best option to explore the finger-licking Icelandic food.

Given below are some of the foods and drinks you should definitely try when traveling to Iceland.



Skyr is a dairy product made out of cheese which is similar to yoghurt. It is low in fat and high in protein and is one of the cultural Icelandic food that has been consumed for over a thousand years. As usual, you can have it served with milk and a sweet topping like berries or other fruits.



Icelanders love the meat of Lamb and Sheep. This meat is readily available than beef. They are roasted or made into hearty stew. The slow roasted lamb is preferred by the majority Icelanders. If you are daring enough you can go for the smoked Sheep’s head.

Fermented Shark


Fermented Shark locally known as Hakarl is the national dish of Iceland. While the consumption of this particular dish is relatively low even for the locals, just try it to have the notion that you have to experience this Icelandic food to the fullest.

Hot Spring Rye Bread

Icelandic-food-Icelandic Rye Bread

You will find the dark rye bread and butter served with many other meals which are a popular Nordic bread where it is baked by burying near the hot spring. They are sweet and is available in most of the grocery stores.

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Hot Dogs

Icelandic-food-hot dog

The hot dog is very popular in Icelandic food. Get yourself hooked up at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, to enjoy the best of iconic lamb and pork hot dogs. It is a small hot dog stand in Reykjavik but Iceland’s most popular restaurant. It has been serving good hotdogs since 1937.


Icelandic-food-smoked puffin

It is seabird which is usually smoked or boiled in milk. As the national dish Hakarl, it is another dish not widely consumed. It is one of the delicacies on the Icelandic food menus throughout the country. It tastes close to beef and has a distinct seafood taste.

Fish stew


Known as Plokkfiskur in Iceland, it is a traditional Icelandic dish prepared from boiled cod or haddock mashed together with the white sauce, onions, and potatoes. Icelanders love to fish and they always use fresh fish which is no exception in this dish. This famous fish stew is also served with dark rye bread and butter.



Icelanders are crazy for coffee. In most of the streets, you will find local coffee shops and cafes. Owing to good competition by the numerous shops for good coffee, the coffee in Iceland is incredible. Of all the coffee beverage, Latte is the most popular one.



A local spirit which is similar to unsweetened schnapps. It is the country’s national alcoholic beverage and taste close to vodka. The drink is famous during the Porrablot winter festival.



The Icelandic beer has alcohol contents of about 2.25 per cent making it very light and a popular beverage. It goes well as you scout for amazing places in search of good foods.